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Switch、Steamで配信中のゲーム「Trigger Dungeon」。

この「Trigger Dungeon」がどんなゲームなのかの概要と、


Trigger Dungeonの概要



Trigger Dungeonってどんなゲーム?

「Trigger Dungeon」は、2Dアクションゲームです。





Trigger Dungeonの感想・評判

biggest worry regarding the trigger dungeon meshi adaptation. People are gonna be weird about marcille

"Dungeon Meshi" Anime Adaption by Studio Trigger confirmed on the volume 12 obi announcement

It&039;s good that its kinda bad, so you have to somehow "lose" an useful dungeon trigger if you want to go from one side to another. I doubt it was designed with that in mind but it turned out okey.

Studio Trigger is making an anime series based on "Delicious in Dungeon" (Dungeon Meshi). They previously made a commercial fo…

I think I can trigger Opportune Backstab off of your AoA, so that is still a net positive for us. What a crazy fight tho, the way we had to split up to deal with these threats. I&039;m really enjoying this "dungeon"

And Assange suffering in another dungeon because he revealed who actually pulls the trigger. 😑

Suikoden, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Earthbound, Bravely Default, Octopath Traveler, Wild Arms, Shadow Hearts, Yokai Watch, the SaGA and Mana series (early entries were called Final Fantasy spin-offs though), Disgea, Evoland, Undertale/Deltarune & Mystery Dungeon series.

Insomniacs after School: Getting an anime adaptation Call of the Night::Got a well received anime adaptation Dungeon Meshi: Getting adapted by Trigger and is reaching its final stages Golden Kamuy: Ended this year Choujin X: Gearing up to be Ishida&039;s next masterpiece Gachiakuta

dungeon meshi fans saying that they don’t want trigger to make it horny. i know what you mean but please accept that it wil…

Chrono Trigger,Pokémon mystery dungeon,Dragon quest,Legend of Zelda a link to the past

every so often i remember dungeon meshi anime is in the works and trigger is making it and i just 🙂

◤   ダンジョン飯🐲     🍖アイコンプレゼント🍖 ◢ フォロワー12000人突破記念🎉 🔑《チルチャック》 のアイコンをプレゼント✨ 次回は13000フォロワーで🎁を予定‼ お楽しみに✨ ⚔TVアニメ「ダンジョン飯」公式サ…

Just saw a chest spawn in the wrong place in dungeon 3. Think its cuz i was near its spawnpoint when the trigger happened. Even saw the first part of the chest pop in animation in the correct spot first. This game still has mysteries for me ☺️

I checked if studio trigger did any adaptation prior to dungeon meshi cuz I thought it was their first but it turns out their first was actually this light novel thing that only ran for one season

With all the reporting on possible blackouts, we need trigger warnings for every „You need to prep!“-piece, as this may cause major PTSD in Dungeon Masters.

V11 has been pushed to the main servers! Recap of the big things that have been added: - Blue Spheres creator - Menu…

Become enraged for half the cost! Trigger Dungeon is now 50% off in the Steam Summer Sale. game…

Three of the characters in the novel I&039;m writing have just entered a dungeon. Now I have to search for a trap for them to trigger. dungeonsanddragons DragonsintheDungeon

Chiara cha idhii! The author of the Blue wat wat document The trigger of coup Jonso the mlevu avenger!! All hail President jonso From dungeon to statehouse 🤣🤣

Speaking of Chrono Trigger, damn, did the composer think Tyrano Lair was the final dungeon or what? Because this goes so damn hard!

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