Plumber Heroってどんなゲーム?口コミ感想まとめ


Switchで配信中のゲーム「Plumber Hero」。

この「Plumber Hero」がどんなゲームなのかの概要と、


Plumber Heroの概要

Plumber Heroは、あなたの創造性をテストするためのエキサイティングな方法です。

Plumber Heroを今日試してみてください。やりがいのある時間をお約束します!


Plumber Heroってどんなゲーム?

「Plumber Hero」は、ジャンルはパズルゲームです。



Plumber Heroの感想・評判

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I&039;m a plumber, and the hero who has saved the Mushroom Kingdom countless times. PaperMarioBot

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━━━━━ [ Mario B. ] ✩彡༉⋮ [ Hero ] ✩彡༉⋮ [ Freerol ] ✩彡༉⋮ [ Plumber ] ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈…

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July 9, 1981: Nintendo released the arcade game "Donkey Kong" in Japan. Within the following year, the game&039;s popularity soared when Nintendo licensed it to companies that made home game consoles like Coleco and Atari. Mario the plumber was the hero of…

A hero! Only when the thugs realize that they may lose their lives, will crime decrease. "Retired plumber, 93, shoots and critically wounds a burglar"

Mario This iconic Italien plumber has been the face of nitendo for years . Mario always a hero and saves the day. Rescuing the princess Peach from the evil Bowser.

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