ここで一体何があったのか? 彼が探索を進めたところ、突然、チャイナドレスを着た、セクシーでミステリアスなフィッシュヘッド女が姿を現し、それから、怪奇的な現象が次から次へと……。








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No, they like to move quicker, communicate, have more energy, and situational awareness. They&039;re not interested in dying, believe me, and regard regular soldiers as death traps, they don&039;t even want to be near them. SEAL Team 4 in Beirut 1983

The Husband And The Christmas Donkey (1983): A dying band of compassionate ex-cons in a school pageant must make up with a cricket for a letter to the ghost of Christmas Past.

Who first knew about Jap noise in the west? For some reason I became interested. Earliest full release I can find is this: Merzbow of course, US 1983. Any advances?

Dark Moonlight Scorn DYING:1983 Choo-Choo Charles Martha is Dead Horizon zero dawn Starfield God of war

🇫🇷 ‘Give him the Ballon d&039;Or and let&039;s not talk about it anymore. The first goal he invents is a heart massage to a dying R…

"People don&039;t like mecha anymore", "PC gaming is dying", and other phrases people have been saying since 1983!

You need to balance costs of doing nothing with the costs of warming both in terms of economic damage & lives. For 2030-2050 the UN estimate is 13 million premature deaths worldwide, ie the 400,000 a year dying currently with the additional 250,000 pa.

Imagine dying then finding out you gotta go to hell because of a clerical error

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“I do not want women to go on living and dying in this silence, generation after generation.” - Nikki Craft (), in a letter to Andrea Dworkin and Catharine A. MacKinnon, December 20, 1983

And how did you become convinced of that my friend? You did not show any source for your claims, where i repeatedly gave you the calculations that showed your claims were wrong. Why aren’t 60- vaccinated dying as you claim they are?

Name one of the current cop of so called "thought leaders" who does not condone everyone dying off except them and a small band of servants to ensure their lifestyle is unaffected. I&039;ll wait.

My copy of DYING: 1983 from was supposed to release this week but has suddenly been delayed until December? What happened there? D:

Whoo! Proper conjunction of conspiracy theories you have. There&039;s no disease. There is disease and the vaccine doesn&039;t work. People aren&039;t dying from it. They are dying from it because they wouldn&039;t let the right drugs be used. The tests are fake. What they&039;re ALL true???

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Well the adverse events reporting system is quite telling... The 100,000 people with lawsuits against the government, also telling. The thousands of people every day sharing stories of loved ones dying after their jabs... You can demand peer-reviewed proof if you want...

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